Boost your API synthesis productivity and safety with a single step process

The industry is no longer just asking for a specific product or service but for innovative solutions that improve their supply-chain, increase safety and optimize profitability.

Proposals such as ad-hoc gas in organic solvents mixtures ready for production are interesting to consider as erase concerns around gas handling and deliver real cost efficiencies in the bottom line.

More productivity

Let’s suppose a typical synthesis and purification of a clorhydrate, HCl in AcOEt. This process consists of purifying the product by dissolving it in MeOH / AcOEt, adding active carbon, filtration, and precipitation of the clorhydrate by bubbling HCl and subsequent cooling. This last step needs to consider the possible impurities that may come. Depending on the specific cases, we could agree on at least 15 hours of equipment and 10 hours of dedicated people to make this process. This cost €/kg*h makes a huge impact on the balance sheet, reducing from a multi-step process to a single one.

Moreover, freeing up our reactors we can use them to manufacture more added value reactions that are not associated with the risks of flammable gases.

Less risks

Dealing with flammable gas in a site makes safety a critical point to be considered in order to avoid accidents that may have dramatic consequences (See recent news). Flammable gas handling implies severe regulatory conditions in terms of workers training, legalized warehousing and waste management. This last point considers essential an efficient treatment through scrubbers that eliminates all resulting gases from the dissolution.

Flexible and targeted solutions ready to be used in production are an innovative proposal for both Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and fine chemicals manufacturers that deal with gas saturated solutions in their plants. These solutions bring value to the bottom line both in terms of operational efficiency and, more importantly, improving the safety of workers and environment.

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Raimon Meseguer
GTL Product Manager

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