Fundación Llamada Solidaria and GRIT against Uncommon Diseases


The Fundación Llamada Solidaria and GRIT join forces to support the cure and well-being of those affected by Rare Diseases that affect millions of people around the world, many of them children.

Through the collection and subsequent recycling of disused, broken, or damaged mobile phones, the Fundación Llamada Solidaria obtains financial resources that help funding research projects to find solutions to these Uncommon Diseases.

At GRIT we want to join this altruistic initiative by installing a collection point at our headquarters in Barcelona. We invite all GRIT people as well as future visitors to our office to leave their old, used or broken mobile phones and give them a second life. At GRIT we are committed to projects that improve people’s health while being part of the circular economy.

The Fundación Llamada Solidaria has the vision of being an organization that makes those affected by Rare Diseases and their families feel that they are not alone. It supports the investigation of these diseases putting into practice the ideas, methods and strategies that allow generating the economic resources for it.

One of GRIT’s values ​​is the commitment to our environment, anticipating the future. To this end, we strive every day to put our technical and human capabilities at the service of sustainable development that contributes to the well-being of citizens and the circular economy.

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