Greener gases to tackle climate change


Trees blooming earlier than they should, summers going longer than expected and the increase in heat waves that we have already experienced. Climate change cannot be denied and despite efforts every year it continues to surprise us. Therefore, we must start by making notable changes in emissions by betting on greener gases, a job that we do at GRIT.

We have always sought to anticipate the consequences that climate change brings with it and that over the years will only worsen. The ecological imbalances that it can cause, as well as the effects on our health, mean that there is no time to lose in the search for solutions. From the GRIT R+D+I department we strive to innovate against the industrial and specialized sector, providing greener gases for everyone.

What are the greenest gases and how do they take care of the Planet?

The greenest gases are liquefied gases, some with certain mixtures, suitable for industrial use. Industry is an important sector in our country and the emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere that they emit are high. Energy, oil, and cement are some of the industries whose polluting gas emissions are of concern. But that’s what the greenest gases are for.

Thinking that the greenest gases may not meet the requirements of each industry is not knowing how they work. At GRIT we work to provide solutions to clients who want to combat climate change and opt for solutions such as these types of gases. A range of products that meet their expectations and allows them to continue working, minimizing the impact on the environment.

Specific products to combat climate change

Some of the products we work with at GRIT are refrigerants. We have fluorinated and natural refrigerants and technical cleaning solvents with low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and which are greener gases. Also, we have propellants for aerosols and blowing agents for insulation foams that adapt to the needs of each sector. They will work as usual but polluting less.

Also, at GRIT we take care of GTL (Gas To Liquid) that allows dealing with very dangerous gases, eliminating the risks that have existed until now. We want companies to be productive, to help tackle climate change and to reduce the risks that may exist when dealing with certain types of gases. All this has great advantages.

We work for specialized sectors

In addition to industry, our mission is aimed at achieving solutions in specialized sectors such as the pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry. They also must work with gases that can have a negative impact on the environment and, of course, on their own safety. Therefore, greener gases matter so much.

To improve and anticipate climate change that seems to be accelerating every year, at GRIT we are constantly changing and innovating. In addition, we develop customized solutions and improve the products we already have so that the results are favorable to the environment. We alone cannot do much, but with the collaboration of different sectors, climate change may one day be reversed.

When the ice at the poles began to melt, concern arose, but not too much because it seemed distant. However, now that heat waves do affect and certain changes in the seasons surprise us (because they come earlier or last longer than they should), the situation has changed. The greenest gases are one of the options to face climate change and prevent it from advancing.

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