GRIT and the solidarity commitment with the “San Juan de Dios” Hospital


“San Juan de Dios”, with a history spanning more than five centuries, plays a crucial role in caring for the most vulnerable people in 52 countries, boasting 405 centers. Under the name of Solidarity “San Juan de Dios”, the organization carries out a non-profit, solidarity action grounded in three essential pillars: Social Work, Volunteering, and International Cooperation.

The commitment of individuals, companies, and institutions that are partners, make donations, participate as volunteers, or collaborate in various ways significantly contributes to improving the quality of life for those in vulnerable situations.

Various forms of collaboration are available, with the “Gift SJD” initiative standing out. It is an online solidarity shop where various products with charitable purposes can be purchased or gifted. The proceeds from the sale of these items are allocated to programs aiming to enhance the experience of hospitalized children, promote research to advance the understanding of diseases affecting childhood, and provide support to families during the hospitalization of their children and the care process.

At GRIT, we have actively engaged in the social and healthcare projects of “San Juan de Dios”. In recognition of this dedication, we have been honored with the title of a solidarity company, emphasizing our ongoing commitment to this noble institution.

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