GRIT sponsors the program “More Food for Children” by the foundation Banc dels Aliments.

Mr. José Luis Müller and Ms. Roser Brufau i Basté during the signing of the sponsorship.

The huge food demand to meet the needs of families with low income has always existed. Nowadays, however, due to the population growth and the so-called wage gap the demand for basic, healthy and safe food for the youngest ones has greatly increased.

In this context, the foundation Banc dels Aliments is doing great work, focusing on one of the most vulnerable parts of society. A non-profit foundation that, right from its beginnings in 1987, has stood out for its capacity for recovering non-marketable food but still suitable for consumption and making it available for the most needy social groups. This has always been their main objective. An activity that is also beneficial for the companies, allowing them to eliminate direct costs associated to the maintenance of stocks, reduce the environmental impact and act in a responsible way, thus enhancing the social value of the product and the company.

This year 2020 unprecedented events are taking place, complicating the collection of basic food for children. It’s under these circumstances when external support is most appreciated, as for example in the case of the company GRIT, which has done its bit through the sponsorship of the program “More Food for Children”. managed by the foundation Banc dels Aliments. A program which aims to collect and distribute products for infants and babies of families in situation of poverty, relieving thus the youngest ones’ basic needs.

The sponsorship agreement between both entities was concluded with the signature of Mr. José Luis Müller as CEO of GRIT and Mrs. Roser Brufau i Basté as Chairman of Banc dels Aliments, this way doubtlessly succeeding in adding value to their respective companies thanks to their shared solidarity.

For GRIT, it has been of utmost importance to share this initiative with all its staff. From all the different solidarity projects proposed by Banc dels Aliments, our staff unanimously selected the program “More Food for Children” as being the one which best reflects the values promoted by our company.

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