GRITENE N-PENTANE: alternative for n-pentane for Polyurethane (PU) sandwich panel with low SEVESO impact

Sandwich panels, built with a polyurethane panel adhered by both side to a metallic cover, are an optimal solution for all kind of enclosures, decks, roof waterproofing and sheds. These PU panels are widely used in building construction for facade cladding or roof covers as well as for cold stores as thermal and acoustic insulation.

For many years PU industry uses n-pentane as blowing agent for the manufacturing of the sandwich panel. N-pentane is a hydrocarbon rated by the CLP regulation as a flammable liquid of category 1, so all facilities with storage above 10 Tonnes must be affected by SEVESO guidelines, including all safety measurements and risk assessment to the inherent and severe accidents where dangerous substances from SEVESO guideline are used.

GRIT has developed GRITENE n-pentane keeping same performance as n-pentane as blowing agent but with a rate by CLP regulation of flammable liquid category 2. This category allows bigger storage quantities without being affected by SEVESO guideline.

Current global situation showing shortage and delays with raw materials, having bigger safety stock may represent a competitive advantage ensuring customer commitment, lead time and quality.

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