Performance of GRIT’s contribution to “Banc dels Aliments”

Rendimiento de la aportación de GRIT al Banc dels Aliments

The “Banc dels Aliments” foundation has been an important part of GRIT’s heart for many years. And we are thrilled to be able to share the results of our collaboration in the “Més Aliments Infantils” program of the Foundation in 2023. We are proud to know that we have contributed to meeting the basic feeding needs of infants and newborns from the most vulnerable families. (See attached document HERE).

By investing in this program, we have been able to provide complete and safe nutrition for some babies during their first year of life. Knowing that we have made a small difference in the lives of these little ones fills us with satisfaction and joy.

The possibility of having a positive impact on the lives of others is something that has always been fundamental to us at GRIT. We are deeply moved to know that we have contributed to alleviating the suffering of some needy families.

While it is true that our contribution is just a drop in the ocean, we believe that every small action counts. And we are grateful to be able to collaborate with an organization like “Banc dels Aliments” that works hard to improve the lives of those who are at risk or in poverty.

If you also want to be part of this noble cause, you can become a friend of “Banc dels Aliments” through the attached QR code or share it with anyone you wish. Together we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.


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