Customized products

Customized products

Our quality products are developed and tailor-made for each customer

At GRIT we have an extensive range of products for the aerosol, refrigeration and thermal insulation foam industries. We also offer our products to other specialised sectors such as pharmacy, fine chemicals and food.


  • Fluorinated refrigerants

  • Natural refrigerants

  • Technical cleaning solvents


  • Propellants

  • Solvents

Thermal insulation foams

  • Additives

  • Blowing agents

Specialty products

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Chemical

  • Food

Gas to Liquid (GTL)

  • Acids

  • Basic

our product catalogs.

Advanced Gas Solutions for the Industry

Exploring GRIT’s product range is to enter a world where precision and adaptability meet in every gas solution we offer. Each product is the result of meticulous research and close collaboration with our clients, ensuring solutions that not only meet their expectations but also drive efficiency and productivity at every step. We are dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique requirements of your business, with high-quality service that seamlessly adapts to your industrial processes.

Cutting-Edge Refrigeration

We specialize in the distribution of next-generation refrigerants, including fluorinated and natural options, for efficient and eco-friendly refrigeration systems. Additionally, we provide technical cleaning solvents, essential for the maintenance and optimization of your machinery’s performance.

Innovation in Aerosols

In the field of aerosols, GRIT is synonymous with innovation. Our propellants and solvents are formulated to ensure precise and safe application, meeting the highest standards of quality and efficacy with each spray.

Thermal Insulation Foams

Thermal insulation foams are key for optimal energy efficiency. We offer additives and blowing agents that enhance the insulating properties of foams, contributing to the comfort and sustainability of buildings.

Specialties for Critical Sectors

Our catalog includes chemical specialties for critical sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. We understand the importance of complying with strict regulations and offer products that ensure integrity and quality at every stage of your production process.

Gas to Liquid (GTL) Technology

GTL technology is the backbone of our customized solutions. Acidic and basic solutions are fundamental for processes that require maximum precision and control, and at GRIT you will find a reliable ally to achieve exceptional results.

At GRIT, we understand that each industry has its peculiarities, and that’s why we strive to deeply understand the challenges of our clients. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we continue to expand our horizons to offer products that not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

We invite our clients to explore our catalog and discover how our gaseous solutions can transform their business. Contact us for more information and let our experts assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs.

You can reach out to us directly through our web form. Our experts will work with you to develop a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Safety is our top priority. We provide safety data sheets and strongly recommend training and adherence to local and international regulations when handling our products.

Yes, we offer comprehensive technical advice to help you select the right product and ensure its safe and efficient use.

Orders can be placed through the contact section of our website or by phone.

Yes, we ship to many international destinations. Contact us for more details about shipping options and availability in your country.

Absolutely. We are committed to sustainability, and all our products comply with or exceed current environmental regulations.