Constantly innovating

We develop specific solutions for each of our customer.

R + D + i

Innovation is in our DNA.


Development of tailor-made solutions.


Customized Solutions

In collaboration with our customers, we can offer tailor-made solutions, differentiating their products and/or processes from its competitors.

New applications

According to our philosophy, we always analyse the feasibility of new applications and continuous improvements for our products.

New products

We are constantly exploring new markets, solutions and products to adapt them to the needs of our customers through our brand GRITENE®.

Innovative technologies

We consistently focus on developing innovative breakthrough technologies in our industry and for our customers.

Technical solutions

Technical advice

We do consultative selling. This is why we are always available to our clients to advise them on the knowledge and usage of our products. Consultancy is our sales methodology. We are always available for our customers to advise them on the properties and usage of our products.

Advice on regulatory affairs and training.

Our technical department is highly qualified to provide information on the regulations that apply to each of our products, its packaging and handling. We can also provide training sessions on such topics.

Support in process design

New applications often require adjustments to existing installations. We can help our customers to redefine them with our expertise.