R+D+I at GRIT: Driving Innovation in Liquefied Gases

At GRIT, our passion and commitment are centered on being at the forefront of research, development, and innovation in the field of liquefied gases and their mixtures. We understand that each advancement is a gateway to more efficient, customized, and sustainable industrial gas solutions for our clients. Therefore, we strive to be the strategic partner that our clients need, guaranteeing effective and up-to-date solutions at every step of the way.

R + D + i

Innovation is in our DNA.


Development of tailor-made solutions.



Customized Solutions

Collaboration with Clients:

At GRIT, we do not just provide industrial liquefied gases; we build relationships. By working closely with our clients, we understand and offer tailor-made solutions, turning their products and processes into benchmarks in their sector and against their competition.

New Applications and Products

Continuous Exploration:

Guided by a philosophy of continuous improvement, our team is dedicated to analyzing and discovering opportunities for new applications of liquefied gases, ensuring that our products stay at the forefront of market needs.


Our brand is synonymous with adaptability and innovation in industrial gases. We are in constant exploration of emerging markets and products to integrate and adapt them, thereby meeting the specific demands and needs of our clients.

Innovative technologies

Innovation in technology is the driving force behind GRIT. We are committed to integrating pioneering technologies that not only set new standards in our market but also offer practical solutions and tangible benefits to our clients.

Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Technical Advice:

Our methodology goes beyond mere sales. We believe in consultative selling in gases, where our aim is to advise and guide our clients at every step, ensuring the maximum utilization of our products.

Regulations and Training:

With a highly trained technical team, we are prepared to offer detailed information about liquefied gas regulations. In addition, we are proud to provide training sessions that enhance the knowledge and correct application of our products and containers.

Process Design:

We understand that innovation in gas storage often requires adaptations in existing infrastructure. Our experience is a valuable tool to help our clients redefine and optimize their facilities, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.

Forging the Future of the Gas Industry

At GRIT, our dedication goes beyond merely providing: we seek to establish higher standards and lead the way to new possibilities in the sector. It is this innovative spirit and our ability to quickly adapt to market demands that has consolidated us as a reliable choice for our clients. As the world of liquefied gases evolves, at GRIT we remain steadfast in our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions. Together, we face the challenges of tomorrow.