Safety is one of the main pillars of GRIT

Safety is one of the main pillars of GRIT and for this reason, drills and training are carried out continuously to learn how to use the fire systems. Normally, two firefighting training exercises and an emergency drill are done for the staff training. The purpose of these tests is to become familiar with the means and their location within the GRIT’s plant. As well as the review of the potential accident scenarios and how to react to solve them. As usual, these are only accident simulations and not fire or real leakage of product.

To check the difference between a situation with a real fire, this year we have taken all the production plant staff to a specialized location to practice with real fire. The most important thing in these practices is to feel the heat given off by the fire, to know how to maintain an adequate safety distance when acting and to see how the fire behaves when we start to act against it.

In the training, an exercise has been done to be able to close a valve in a flammable gas leak.


Foam has also been proven effective in liquid spill fires.


On the other hand, a simulation of a toxic gas leak was also carried out to practice the use of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).


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