Integral gas services

Integral gas services

Packaging, storage and handling

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Storage and packaging management.


Analysis, regeneration or destruction of fluorinated waste.

Packaging and storage


Our facilities are fully equipped to package liquefied gases in tanks and containers as well as in cylinders and bottles.  


Our plant has the capacity to package liquids in tanks and containers as well as in IBCs and drums.

Tank and warehouse rental

The design of our plant allows you the possibility of storing gases and liquids in our facilities, both in bulk and in containers.

Waste management

Waste management for fluorinated gases and solvents

Our plant handles fluorinated waste and solvents with a yearly capacity of over 300 t.

Our waste manager code, assigned by the regional government of Catalonia, is E-1740.18

Regeneration / Destruction of fluorinated waste

Our waste management process involves:​

  • Waste analysis and characterization according to its potential.
  • Waste regeneration into refrigerants according to standard AHRI 700.
  • Destruction of useless or banned waste.
  • Certificate of destruction of untreated waste.