Specialists in gases

Especialistas en gases

Gases research innovation & technology

GRIT is a company specialized in the distribution, storage and development of liquefied gases and their mixtures for industrial applications.

The company is fully oriented towards customer satisfaction by providing the right products for our customers’ processes.

Our technological knowledge and capacity for innovation allow us to develop new products to meet our customers’ needs at all times, complying with legal requirements and offering the best guarantees.

All these capabilities are based on:

“Our customers’ success is our success”

“Meeting our customers’ needs is our main focus”

A team of people with a common project, with expertise and commitment to their work.

A range of products with thorough specifications and sophisticated technical features to provide the customer not only with specific developments, but also with advice on security issues, facilities, etc.

A willingness to innovate, both in products and in processes and services. This is the basis that allows the Grit team to offer our customers competitiveness and the most suitable solutions. Many of our innovations are associated with our Gritene® brand.

Philosophy. Our business mentality is key for us, giving us the ability and freedom to analyse present and future opportunities, collaborating with the best partners for each project.

Committed with the environment

and the future


with the environment


A global vision

We are in constant contact with the industry, which allows us to offer a global and accurate vision of new trends. Always at the service of our customers helping them to improve their products and offering innovations that meet their business expectations.

Willingness to improve is the driving force of everything we do.

GRIT’s work relies on a highly qualified team, knowledge acquired over years of experience, a powerful packaging and storage plant, and a strong focus on R+D+i.

We are committed with our environment, anticipating the future. We daily devote our technical and human capacities to develop new replacement, more environmental friendly products.

We have come a long way

and a long way to go


A long story

GRIT was founded in January 2001 by Ramón Terrado, a chemical engineer who had worked for over 25 years in companies manufacturing and distributing industrial gases, especially CFCs and their subsequent replacement products. After the wide experience acquired, his objective was to provide taylor-made advice and specialized technical solutions in the different markets.

A step forward, a challenge successfully met.

GRIT has become a benchmark company in the different industries in which it operates.

Thanks to our knowledge and the reliability of our solutions, we are able to provide our customers with products and services that are sustainable, environmental friendly and meeting market specific international regulations.

Looking to the future

In March 2018 the private equity group Moira Capital Partners acquired a 65% stake of GRIT and designed a global strategic growth plan based on technological innovations and geographical expansion. In order to achieve this, the management team has been strengthened with experienced professionals in the chemical industry and, especially, in the areas served by GRIT.

Our facilities


Technology and organization

Our technological know-how allows us to optimize our space and resources. The final results are high quality processes and products.

​Our facilities fulfill all current regulations of industrial safety and environmental protection. Our plant in Avinyó, near Barcelona, has state-of-the-art packaging lines and a continuous improvement plan to maintain the highest standards of safety, competitiveness and efficiency.

We work daily according to a strict Quality, Environment and Safety Policy.

The plant has 10,000 sqm. divided into:

  • 3 packaging areas

  • 2 warehouses for bottles and cylinders

  • 1 warehouse for drums and IBCs

  • 1 tank zone for flammable products (gases and liquids).

  • 1 tank zone for inert products.

GRIT is certified according to ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015 for packaging, marketing, storage and innovation of technical gases.

Our plant: El Punsic, plot 8.3. 08279 Avinyó, Barcelona.

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GRIT considers each client and project as unique. Each case requires customized, specific solutions. That is why we try to understand the customer’s needs and situation, in order to give them the best possible solution. Every customer is a challenge, and your satisfaction is our best reward.

If you want to share your projects or needs with us, tell us about them. Contact us.

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