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Through this press release, GASES RESEARCH INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY SL informs about the current situation regarding the RS range of refrigerants owned by RPL Holdings.

E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY have issued a press release stating that they and STAR REFRIGERATION LIMITED have filed a lawsuit in Spain “against a manufacturer of refrigerants and its distributor, for the unauthorised use of refrigerants used in commercial refrigeration and in air conditioners”. We regard this statement as inaccurate and misleading, so GASES RESEARCH INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY, SL (GRIT) consider it necessary to reply and provide clarifications with this press release.

The RS refrigerants, manufactured by GRIT, have been duly approved and authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Industry. Therefore, these refrigerants are manufactured and marketed in Spain in compliance with all the requirements demanded by current regulations, so that users and customers in the industry can use them in a totally legal manner. This is a question of fact and we want to make it very clear to all our customers, so that they can rest assured that they are using refrigerants authorised by the Government, in accordance and complying with the regulations in force.

GRIT is duly authorised by the patent holder RPL Holdings to manufacture and distribute the refrigerants RS-44 (R424A) and RS-45 (R434A) under license in Spain. The patents for RS-44, RS-45, as well as the other refrigerants in the RS range of refrigerants, have been duly registered in Spain and in many other countries. These refrigerants are distributed in Spain by authorised and accredited distributors for use in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.

GRIT is the only manufacturer in Spain of the RS range of refrigerants. Together with the patent holder, RPL Holdings, GRIT guarantees that the intellectual property rights related to the existing RS refrigerants will be adequately and firmly defended by taking the appropriate legal action where necessary. To this end, we declare that all future new refrigerants of the RS range that may be marketed by GRIT will be equally protected in the terms indicated.

The RS range of refrigerants have become the main substitutes in Spain for gases harmful to the ozone layer, in accordance with the firm decision of our country to adopt the appropriate measures in its defence and protection.

GRIT is a decidedly proactive and dynamic company, present in different industries, such as refrigerants, propellants for aerosols and foaming agents for the plastic industry, offering innovative products and services in order to meet the requirements and needs of our clients and the market, and in compliance with the regulations in force.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust.

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