The gases of the future


The gases of the future have a clear mission, to be gases that protect the environment. But can zero polluting gases exist? At GRIT we have been working in this direction for years and it is because we are a company with a solid R+D+I team with which we constantly innovate in gases of all kinds and that today we want to introduce to you. All of them aimed at the industrial sector, but also at those more specialized.

Refrigerant gases

One of the most polluting types of gases are refrigerant gases. These are used in air conditioners, freezers, means of transportation, cooling machines, etc. For this reason, at GRIT we have achieved that the refrigerant gases can be the gases of the future, fluorinated and natural, complying with all current regulations to ensure the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere. There are several changes that were launched regarding the use of these gases and, for example, already in 2015 fluorinated greenhouse gases were prohibited. However, this does not mean that they cannot be part of the gases of the future, because by combining innovation and work, at GRIT we have managed to minimize the environmental impact of this type of gas and optimize the processes of the industries that use them.

Aerosol Propellants

Another of the gases of the future are aerosols, or rather propellants for aerosols. Liquefied gases are the basis for being able to use them without risk to one’s own health or to the environment. Our aerosol propellants are environmentally friendly.

Blowing agents for insulation foams

Thermal insulation is great for the environment. It allows a lower use of resources and turns homes into passive houses. The swelling agents and additives of the future must also be environmentally friendly and comply with regulations in the manufacturing of polyurethane, extruded or expanded polystyrene insulation foams.

Chemical products

Another of the gases of the future are chemical products aimed at the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. To carry out certain investigations, many times it is necessary to resort to chemical products that allow obtaining adequate results. Therefore, at GRIT we have developed a series of respectful and safe chemical products for the workers themselves.

Gas To Liquid (GTL)

Finally, the last of the developments on which we are always innovating and improving at GRIT is the GTL a solution that translates into fewer risks for those who work making pharmaceutical or fine chemical products, for example. This, in addition, has a positive impact on the environment, as it is friendly to it. All this matters to us at GRIT and we work to improve it.

We have anticipated the gases of the future and it is that many are being left behind. The aerosols or gases that cause a greenhouse effect no longer comply with the regulations and the regulations have begun to be the strictest. Saving the Planet matters and although we do not see it now, it is essential to take measures so that the environment does not become damaged in such a way that it is impossible to recover it.

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