Trade fairs’ summary 2022 in GRIT

Resumen de las ferias 2022 en GRIT

Trade fairs are a fundamental pillar in the commercial and marketing strategy for GRIT’s business units: Aerosols, Specialties, Foams and Refrigerants. These sectorial fairs are a unique opportunity to find in the same space (physical and online) clients and potentials for each of the sectors where we direct our solutions.

Among other advantages, fairs offer:

  • Concentration of companies and, therefore, of opportunities. Fairs are a unique event where you can contact various buyers and suppliers, in a short period of time and in one place.
  • Industry trends. They allow to know from the current state of the sector, going through new solutions to future perspectives. Fairs are also an excellent occasion to update present and future developments.
  • Understand the competition. Having the competition up close becomes a good exercise to value not only our own company, but also to evaluate our competitiveness and differential market value.
  • Visitors are potential customers. As it is a voluntary event, visitors are willing to learn about new products and to be interested in our proposals.
  • Consolidate brand image. Having a booth promotes the positioning of our products and the brand image.
  • Networking as the philosophy of the event. The fairs are designed to get personal and business contacts. They are ideal areas to interact with suppliers, distributors, specialists in the sector, customers.

GRIT this year has had a booth at the following fairs in chronological order:

  • FEA Exhibition 2022 (Lisbon, September 21-22): it is the benchmark fair in the Aerosol sector. A unique event to meet customers and suppliers to present several of our products, such as:
  1. Dimetil Èter
  2. HFO 1234ze
  3. Barreja d’Isobutà/isopentà
  4. R-134a per a export i grau farmacèutic
  5. R-152a
  6. Mescles fetes a mida per al client

The current situation of LPG, which is the main aerosol product, was also discussed with our partners.

  • Chillventa 2022 (Nuremberg, October 11-13): it is the main fair in the Refrigerants sector. The first time that GRIT has had a stand at this fair and where he spoke about new developments such as the RS20 and differential products such as the RS70 and RS53.
  • CPHI 2022 (Frankfurt, November 1-3): unique meeting point for all players in the pharmaceutical sector. Second year that GRIT had a booth there and where we presented our solutions of gases in organic solvents for the chemical synthesis of APIs to both clients and potentials.

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